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Kelsey Hanson

Kelsey Hanson

Kelsey is a Junior at Villanova University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is majoring in Communication with a concentration in print journalism and is minoring in Peace and Justice studies and the Humanities. Her penchant for all things newspaper related manifests itself in her position as a staff writer for her school paper, The Villanovan. Additionally, she will be interning in Bend Oregon at The Bend Bulletin during the summer of 2016 and has aspirations of a career as a foreign correspondent.

When she is not consuming copious amounts of coffee, Serial podcast episodes, Salinger novels, and editorials from The New York Times, Kelsey enjoys travelling. She spent last summer studying post-conflict resolution strategies in Rwanda and Uganda, which jumpstarted her interest in the political landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa.

While in Morocco, Kelsey hopes to speak to as many people as possible, write without ceasing, learn enough Darija to order her Moroccan mint tea without sugar, and start a regular routine of couscous consumption.

Instagram: kelseywelsey12

Twitter: @kelseywelsey12