News of the Day: September 20, 2019

British Company Makes Significant Gas Discovery in Morocco

By Morocco World News

Lede: Rabat – Chariot Oil & Gas has made new gas discoveries in its ‘Lixus’ Offshore License in the Mohammedia-Kenitra region.

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Why it’s newsworthy: This discovery of a significant gas discovery in Morocco could increase foreign interest. This could thrust Morocco into the spotlight and decrease their autonomy.

Imlil Murder’s Main Defendant Refuses to Apologize to Victims’ Families

By Moroccan World News

Lede: Rabat – The mastermind of the Imlil murder case, who has initially been sentenced to death, revealed important new details during the case’s third appeal.

Nutgraph: On July 18, the Criminal Chamber in charge of counter-terrorism cases in the Court of Appeal of Sale handed down sentences for the murders, ranging from five years in prison to capital punishment.

Why is this newsworthy? This article contributes novel information to an already established news topic, that is significant because the murders were an act of terrorism. The defendants have claimed to have pledged allegiance to ISIS.

From Syrian prison, American citizen recalls how he joined ISIS after a family trip to Morocco

By Yadiladi

Lede: During a family trip to Morocco, 18-year-old Abdelhamid Al-Madioum decided to join ISIS. The Minnesota-native took a solo flight to Istanbul and made it to Iraq. He is currently serving a prison sentence in Syria for being part of the terrorist organization.

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Why is it newsworthy? This article proves that ISIS is more of an ideology than a group itself. It is so effective, that it is able to recruit people from the internet, even though they have no personal connection to them.