News of the Day: September 17, 2019

by Ryley Graham

Morocco Calls for Adoption of World Anti-Islamophobia Day

by Morocco World News

 Lede: Supported by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and other allies, Morocco is pushing for the adoption of a UN resolution on World Anti-Islamophobia Day.

Nut Graph: In line with the project, the Moroccan parliament is convening ambassadors from Muslim-majority countries on September 18. The meeting is set to discuss the scope and possible content of the prospective resolution. Morocco is planning to introduce the resolution at one of the coming UN general assemblies.

Why is it Newsworthy?  This article is newsworthy because the date that parliament is convening is fast approaching – September 18th, and because this initiative is part of an ongoing rhetoric by the Moroccan government  

Protest held outside trial of Moroccan journalist accused of illegal abortion

by Ruth Michaelson for The Guardian

Lede: Demonstrators have staged a protest outside a court in Rabat to coincide with the latest hearing in the trial of a Moroccan journalist accused of undergoing an illegal abortion and having sex before marriage.

Nut Graph: Raissouni, who works for one of Morocco’s few independent media outlets, has been lauded for her coverage of mass demonstrations in the Berber-speaking Rif region in the country’s north.

Raissouni is standing trial alongside her fiance and the medical staff accused of performing an abortion. It has sparked fierce criticism from a wide spectrum of Moroccan society, amid accusations that the authorities have abused the country’s laws to target women and crack down on free speech

Why is it Newsworthy? This story continues in the ongoing coverage of the trial, and subsequent civic unrest relating to it, of Hajar Raissouni.

SSH to design luxury scheme in mountainous Marrakech

by The Global Construction Review – staff

Lede: Middle Eastern multidisciplinary consultancy SSH has been appointed lead design consultant on a 750,000-sq-m mixed-use development in Marrakech, Morocco.

Nut Graph: The scheme features five-star hospitality and luxury residential properties, including golf-branded villas and apartments set against a mountain range.

The first phase of the project, which consists of an 18-hole golf course, has been completed. The second phase comprises hospitality, residential, retail and landscape components.

Why is it Newsworthy? This is the announcement of a massive development project in the mountains of Marrakech, land development in Morocco is an ongoing topic of discussion.