News of the Day: October 9, 2019

Cuba to Open Embassy in Morocco

By Morocco World News

Lede: Cuba’s ambassador to Morocco, Elio Eduardo Rodriguez Perdomo, announced yesterday, October 7, that Cuba plans to open an embassy in Rabat. The Cuban ambassador made the announcement during his meeting with Morocco’s Habib El Malki, President of the House of Representatives.

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This is newsworthy because Cuba and Morocco have had a rocky relationship since the 1960’s because of Cuba’s support for Algeria during the “Sand War.” This event will hopefully reestablish ties between the two countries

Raja Casablanca first Morocco football team to play in Palestinian territories

by Yahoo News

Lede: The first Moroccan football team played in the occupied Palestinian territories on Thursday, as the head of the Palestinian football association announced the Saudi national team would also visit.

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This is newsworthy because Raja Casablanca is making history by becoming the first North African club to set foot on the Palestinian territory.

Five more migrant bodies found from Morocco capsizing

by Reuters

Lede: The bodies of five migrants were found on Morocco’s Atlantic coast near Casablanca on Monday, bringing to 12 the number killed when their boat capsized on Saturday, the state news agency reported.

Nugraf: On Saturday, authorities said seven Moroccan citizens had died and three were taken to hospital unconscious, reflecting a growing trend in illegal migration to Spain along the Atlantic coast after a crackdown on routes across the Mediterranean.

This is newsworthy because it is reflecting a growing trend in illegal migration to Spain