News of the Day: October 25, 2019

by Stella Shi, photo by Mimi Miyamoto

UK Commits to Western Sahara Political Process, Recognizes Morocco’s Efforts to End Conflict

by Morocco World News

Lede: The British ambassador to Morocco, Thomas Reilly, has renewed his country’s commitment to the UN-moderated political process in Western Sahara, echoing the prevailing consensus around the necessity of a compromise-based resolution.

Nut Graph: The UK ambassador to Morocco spoke about his country’s position on Western Sahara after Rabat and London signed a Post-Brexit Association Agreement.

Why is it Newswothy? This regards the relation between Morocco and Britain after Brexit and also the terriroty dispute over Western Sahara.

Morocco lengthens jail term for Taoufik Bouachrine on appeal


Lede: A court in Morocco has increased the jail sentence of a dissident newspaper publisher on charges of rape and other offences that he denies and says are politically motivated.

Nut Graph: Taoufik Bouachrine was sentenced to jail last year on rape charges he says are politically motivated.

Why is it Newswothy? Similar to cases of many other journalists in Morocco, this case reflects the lack of freedom of press under the control of the central government.

Hirak: Rabii Al Ablak admitted to the prison clinic to Tangier


Lede: Hirak activist Rabii Al Ablak was admitted to a prison clinic in Tangier after a seven-week hunger strike, his brother and lawyer, quoted by Reuters, said on Friday.

Nut Graph: Sentenced to five years in jail in June 2018 for «spreading fake news and reporting as a journalist without a permit» following the Rif Hirak, «he was admitted yesterday night to the prison’s clinic after his health deteriorated», his brother Abdellatif said. «He couldn’t even walk when the lawyer came to visit him this morning» he added, calling for immediate action to save his life.

Why is it Newswothy? This is also a case in which a journalist is arrested and punished as “political harrassament” due to the lack of freedom of press in Morocco.