News of the Day: October 10, 2019

by Stella Shi, photo by Mimi Miyamoto

AU Commission President Praises Morocco’s Efforts on Climate Change, Role in Continental Stability

by Morocco World News

Lede: Moussa Faki Mahamat, the president of the AU Commission, has highlighted Morocco’s environment-friendly policies, as well the country’s front-seat role in the AU’s fight to promote peace and stability on the continent.

Nut Graph: From promoting intra-African exchanges to making tangible efforts to help fellow African countries’ socio-economic prosperity through expertise sharing and reliable partnership, Mahamat argued, Morocco is quickly becoming an assertive African voice and an inspiration for many countries on the continent.

Why is it Newswothy? It shows the collective effort in combatting climate change on African continent, with Morocco acting as the leading figure.

‘I shoot up four or five times a day’: Heroin addiction sweeps cannabis corridor in Morocco


Lede: In a filthy squat in a beach town in northern Morocco, drug users inject and smoke heroin, a relatively recent scourge plaguing a region long known for cannabis and contraband.

Nut Graph: In this region, known worldwide for its hashish produced in the Rif mountains, heroin use is a relatively recent development that is growing exponentially, experts say.

Why is it Newswothy? It shows the contradiction between the production and consumption of drugs in northen Morocco and its relationship with European drug market.

Thousands of Moroccan women admit breaking sex and abortion laws, risking arrest to support journalist jailed for same crimes

by The Independent

Lede: Thousands of women in Morocco have put themselves at risk of arrest by admitting to sex outside marriage and undergoing abortions in order to show solidarity with a 28-year-old journalist who has been imprisoned for the crimes.

Nut Graph: Campaigners say thousands of women have signed a statement declaring they have broken both the unmarried sex and abortion laws in a bid to show support for H​ajar Raissouni, a reporter jailed after being charged with both acts.

Why is it Newswothy? This issues regards freedom of press, women’s rights, and violation of privacy.