News of the Day: November 7th 2019

Ivanka Trump in Morocco on ‘women empowerment’ mission

by Africa News.

Lede: A princess, dates and milk welcomed Ivanka Trump to Morocco on Wednesday as she opened a three-day visit to promote the economic empowerment of women in developing countries.

Nutgraf: The trip comes after Morocco updated land rights laws that critics say shortchanged women. Ensuring that women can create wealth by inheriting or owning land or other property is a focus of Ivanka Trump’s initiative.

Why it’s newsworthy: Ivanka is arriving shortly after land rights laws changed recently. Her main mission is to “solve” some of these issues so that women can create wealth.

King Calls for Marrakech-Agadir Railway to Boost Regional Economy

By Morocco World News

Lede: This year’s Green March anniversary has not only served as an event for Morocco to renew commitment and sovereignty over its Sahara.

Nutgraf: n/a

Why it’s newsworthy: Adding a railway connecting the two most popular tourist destinations will open up the region to more opportunities, such as “creating more job opportunities for the youth” according to the king and allow more tourists to travel to these destinations.

Blow for Morocco as Ihattaren opts for Netherlands

by BBC

Lede: The 17-year-old prodigy had been approached by the North Africans because his late father was originally from the country.

Nutgraf: n/a

Why it’s newsworthy: The young player’s talent will benefit the country his family has migrated too, instead of his father’s home country.