Morocco refutes Amnesty International’s conclusions on the human rights situation

Source: Yabiladi

Lede: Moroccan authorities have rejected the allegations and positions adopted by Amnesty International (AI) which aim to undermine the Kingdom’s efforts to strengthen human rights.

Key Background: The allegations included in the report, which refer to the failure to «carry out enough investigations into alleged torture and ill-treatment» and «unfair trials», are unfounded and fake news, the Moroccan authorities stressed, adding that these allegations do not take into account the efforts made by the Kingdom in the fight against torture.

As for the alleged «harassment of journalists, bloggers, artists and activists for having expressed their opinions in a peaceful manner» and the fact that some of them were brought to justice, the Moroccan authorities say these are erroneous assessments insofar as the NGO highlights cases taken out from their context.

Why this is newsworthy: The AI allegations are an example of possible international consequences for the resurgence of censorship and punishment in Morocco. Morocco’s response is also telling of their continued pretense of upholding fair and impartial government.