‘Hey, sexy’: Long road ahead to combat sexual harassment in Morocco

By Olivia Lewis

This article was published in Middle East Eye. See it here: https://www.middleeasteye.net/in-depth/features/morocco-sexual-harassment-2007805324

CASABLANCA, Morocco – Book bag in tow, Wissale Elhaial, 20, pins her eyes straight ahead as she strides past cafes where men congregate in Casablanca’s downtown area.

Vendors entice customers to their halal stands; some call out for her, but not to tempt her with the spiced aroma of falafel.

“Hey, sexy.”

“Praise God! You’re so beautiful!”

“Come here! I would just like to talk to you!”

Elhaial tries to ignore them, but finds herself glaring, and says she sometimes wishes she wore a headscarf, though she doesn’t really think it would make much difference.

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