News of the Day: October 14, 2019

by N’Kaela Webster Burkina Faso Mosque Attack: Death Toll Rises to 16 by Morocco World News

Lede: Gunmen attacked worshippers at the Grand Mosque in the northern village of Salmossi in Burkina Faso on Friday, October 11.

Nut Graf: The BBC said that many locals fled to the Malian border after the attack. Quoting the UN, the news outlet added that more than 250,000 people in Burkina Faso have been forced to flee their homes over the past three months.

The deadly attack against worshippers comes a few weeks after an ISIS attack against soldiers in August in the north eastern village of Koudougou.

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Fenced Off From the Hopes For a Better Life

The following article was put together by three students from the spring 2019 class of SIT: Field Studies in Journalism and New Media and was published in U.S. News and World Report in October 2019. Text is by Lauren Goldfarb (Skidmore College), photos are by Catherine Brewer (Providence College), and audio is by Giulia Villanueva (Ithaca College).

TANGIER, MOROCCO — High above the sprawling concrete landscape of ships, trucks and docks of the Tangier Med Port are the words “God, Nation, King,” laid out in massive white Arabic letters on a mountainside.

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News of the Day: October 9th

Cuba to Open Embassy in Morocco

By Morocco World News

Lede: Cuba’s ambassador to Morocco, Elio Eduardo Rodriguez Perdomo, announced yesterday, October 7, that Cuba plans to open an embassy in Rabat. The Cuban ambassador made the announcement during his meeting with Morocco’s Habib El Malki, President of the House of Representatives.

Nutgraf: n/a

This is newsworthy because Cuba and Morocco have had a rocky relationship since the 1960’s because of Cuba’s support for Algeria during the “Sand War.” This event will hopefully reestablish ties between the two countries

Raja Casablanca first Morocco football team to play in Palestinian territories

by Yahoo News

Lede: The first Moroccan football team played in the occupied Palestinian territories on Thursday, as the head of the Palestinian football association announced the Saudi national team would also visit.

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News of the Day October 8

Moroccan Man Dies and Ceuta Crossing Point

By Morocco World News

Lede: Youssef Sedrawi, a 20-year-old porter, or human mule, died while trying to cross the Ceuta border.

NutGraf: N/A

This is newsworthy because a similar event happened only a month ago when a Moroccan woman died at the same crossing. Both deaths occurred while waiting to cross the boarder to sell goods on the Spanish side.

Western Sahara : Morocco eyes rapprochement with pro-Polisario southern Africa countries

By: Yabiladi

Lede: During the last couple of months, Morocco reinforced its attempts to maintain diplomatic ties with Latin American and African countries. 

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Next generation of Moroccan golfers breaks stereotypes

Above: Young golfers competing in Morocco Srixon Junior Tour championships practice on the putting green at Mogador Golf Course. By 2020, half of all licensed golfers are expected to be juniors. (Photo by Katie Koontz)

by Katie Koontz

ESSAOUIRA, Morocco – One dusty dirt road separates the small village of Diabat from Mogador Golf Course. Diabat is made up of a string of homes where everyone knows each other. Kids in white uniforms run down the hill to the schoolhouse, goats wander between buildings, and dogs chase the occasional car down the unpaved road.

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