Alumni Spotlight: Jeanette Lam

By Lexi Reich

Unsure of which study abroad program to choose, Jeanette Lam, 21, left the decision to a coin toss. Through that chance and the SIT journalism program in Morocco, she found herself in Paris last summer working as a cinematographer and editing assistant on a feature documentary.

“France’s Children,” directed by Aida Alami, advisor to the SIT program, follows the story of an immigration activist in France, and other activists who, fueled by the desire to empower their community, reject victimhood.

“This experience was one of the most unique opportunities I’ve ever had,” Lam said.

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SIT Alumna Writes About the Homestay Experience

Alumna Anna Bongardino (Spring 2018) published this essay on the homestay experience in the PittNews. She is featured above with her homestay brother and sister.

I could hear the rhythmic chant of the afternoon adhan — the Islamic call to worship — ring out from the tinny rooftop speakers of nearby mosques from my second story bedroom in the city center of Rabat, Morocco. After the call to prayer subsided, a Moroccan woman who looked to be a few years younger than my mother walked through the door of my new bedroom and wrapped me in an affectionate embrace.

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Alumni Spotlight: Maddy Crowell

by Erika Riley

Maddy Crowell had never considered journalism before attending SIT’s program in Morocco in the Fall of 2013. Now she spends her days freelancing around the world, covering everything from France’s colonial legacy in Guadaloupe to white supremacists in the United States.

“It was all very transformative for me,” the 26 year-old alum said. “I came back to Carleton after the semester and switched [my major] from philosophy to politics and was very very restless and ready to get out of school.”

She originally applied to the SIT Morocco: Field Studies in New Media and Journalism program because she wanted to study outside the Western world and wanted to learn Arabic.

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Alumni Spotlight: Kayla Dwyer

by Erika Riley

For Kayla Dwyer, the decision to study abroad during her junior year was a given. She knew she wanted to go abroad, and decided on the SIT Morocco: Field Studies in New Media and Journalism program after one of her friends who had recently finished the program recommended it to her.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I applied, was accepted, and I would never go back on that,” Dwyer said. “I wouldn’t change my decision.”

Dwyer wanted a program that would allow her to improve her French skills, while also going outside her comfort zone.

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SIT Journalism Alum to Present Honors Thesis on Press Censorship in Morocco


RABAT, Morocco —  Danielle Douglas, an anthropology student at the University of Rochester, is about to present her senior thesis on self-censorship among Moroccan journalists. She spent several weeks reporting on how the construction of the Noor solar plant in Ouarzazate failed to provide locals with jobs. In writing this article, Douglas experienced firsthand the challenges of press censorship facing journalists in Morocco.

Her thesis, “Say it in a Hidden Way: A Culture of Self-Censorship and Subversion Among Journalists in Morocco,” represents a combination of her anthropological education with her journalism experience.

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