Alumni Quotes

Ben Bartenstein — Macalester College

It’s rare to find a study abroad program that combines cultural immersion with professional training, but then there is SIT’s Field Studies in Journalism and New Media. For aspiring foreign correspondents, this boots-on-the-ground program is unparalleled. You’re working with veteran media professionals with access to some of the country’s most valuable sources. That’s not to mention the location: Morocco is a gold mine for stories on immigration, public health, women’s rights, conservation, ultra marathons, and more. I’d strongly recommend this program to anyone pursuing a career in international reporting who’s comfortable stepping outside the academic bubble for a semester.

Ben’s story produced as part of the program (the profile of a 71 year old runner in a Morocco marathon,)was published in the McClatchy newspapers.

Kacie Graves — Illinois Wesleyan University

This program gave me a real experience in journalism that I will always carry with me. We were not just students, we were journalists that had the opportunity to write about something that matters.  The Independent Study Project in Journalism (ISPJ) was distinct because what we were doing became real. For nearly two months we were basically freelance journalists, and what we were doing mattered because it could actually effect something… as it could be published. The lectures brought a good understanding of Morocco’s cruxes within the social/cultural/political landscape. The ISPJ not only taught me how to conduct research, but forced me to become an adult quickly to where we worked on the field as a foreign correspondents with journalists ready to market our story.

Kacie’s story produced as part of the program (on Christians in Morocco) was published in US News and World Report.

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